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Digital Revenue Engine: Build a Better Online Business in 2018

Digital Revenue Engine
offer fragmentation campaign map
2018 Digital Revenue Engine Conversion Map

This might come as a shock to you, but you DO NOT have a web traffic problem.

You might have a business model problem, a product niche or lead gen offer problem or even a web analytics problem.

But you DO NOT have a traffic problem.

And here’s why…

What if I told you that each time you get a visitor to a page on your website, you make $10 in profit?  Think you could get traffic to this web page?

Of course you could.  You could spend up to $9.99 to get each visitor to your website and still profit.  In fact, you’d be able to pay more than $10 per visitor if you truly understand the whole of the Digital Revenue Engine.

Some of the wisest online startups will often tell you,

“He who spends the most to acquire a customer, wins.”

Founder and CEO of, Jeff Bezos once stated…

“Your margin is my opportunity.”

The lesson you’ll learn is that once you understand DRE, you become unstoppable. sells at very thin margins knowing that acquiring new customers, selling more to each and selling more frequently to each is how you become unstoppable.

Traffic is not a problem.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, just to name a few, are lining up to sell you targeted traffic.  Your Search Engine Optimization agency wants to send you more traffic.

You simply need to understand two things …

  1. How to measure your website traffic – and what this traffic is worth
  2. How to get maximum instant revenue from that traffic

Agile marketing tactics are worthless if you don’t understand the DRE. And that’s why you’re frustrated.  You have no context.  You have no system.

We can teach you to drive traffic through tactics like blogging, social media strategy or email marketing – but you’ll need to understand the digital revenue engine first.

The ultimate goal, no matter which traffic source you choose, is to drive prospects into the DRE Conversion Flow.

Become a master of a single, steady Traction Channel (also known as traffic referral source).

Stay focused on that traction channel and, once mastered, add a second and third traffic source.

These traffic sources include…

Your traction channel strategy begins and ends with driving visitors into the Digital Revenue Engine.

The DRE begins with the Lead Generation Offer … we’ll talk about that one next.

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