Part 1: Customer Journey Mapping Template

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Use this Excel worksheet to map existing content to your target during the optimal part of the unfunnel customer lifecycle.


This template will help you organize using the unfunnel conversion process:

  • Evaluate Influencer Triggers
  • Establish Conversion Criteria
  • Empower with Research & Education
  • Motivators to Create Advocates

Package: unFunnel Lead Nurturing Package – Part 1
Agile Factor: Customer First

Channels and Triggers

Where is the user most prevalent online, and what are his or her interests? What do they share in social media?

Conversion Points

What do they download or attend? Events, webinars, videos, whitepapers? Here’s your chance to make note it.

Empower the Influencer

Whether the user buys or not, anyone who engages with your content or product is a customer. Map each of them, and reward both sides.

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