The Ultimate Website Design Strategy Template [Excel]

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Whether you’re designing with a digital agency or working in-house, this step-by-step website design strategy template will help you thoroughly plan and track the progress of every digital experience in your website development game plan.

And to make the many moving pieces of a website redesign a little easier to digest, we’ve segmented the process into 7 easy stages.

  • Stage 1 – Web Strategy
  • Stage 2 – Project Planning
  • Stage 3 – UX / UI Design
  • Stage 4 – Website Development
  • Stage 5 – Optimization
  • Stage 6 – Project Launch
  • Stage 7 – Analysis & Testing


Every now and then your website needs a refresh.

There are many good reasons for a website redesign, whether it’s a rebranding, moving onto a new Content Management System (CMS), the site is getting lackluster results or it looks like it was built in 1999 (eek).

Eventually, there comes a time when you’ve gathered all the low-hanging fruit possible.

That’s when you need a bigger change. Radical redesigns are a great way to transform your site into a beautiful new butterfly.

A new website design can be a huge success – or it could fail terribly.

After all, it’s a long and tedious process. That’s where checklists can make your job a whole lot easier.

Whether you’re working with an agency or designing in-house, this strategy template will save you from some headaches.

But, I will admit, this is not your average workbook.

While many detailed and tactical checklists are available online, the one thing commonly overlooked – that can make or break your redesign – is how the website design will support (and improve) your overall marketing efforts. Your website isn’t a silo.

And it’s not just about design. Your website affects your social media, email marketing, lead generation, brand awareness and sales strategies.

That’s what this workbook solves for: turning your website into an inbound selling machine for long-term success.


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