Inbound Selling Machine [Blog Sales Funnel + Video Training]

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The ONLY Duplicate-able Formula To Quickly Crank Out Share-Worthy, Click-Magnet Blog Posts, Landing Pages and Sales Funnels That Get You Traffic AND Boost Revenue EACH AND EVERY Time you Post a New Topic…


  • The “3-Step Niche Selection” Process:
    Use this to find winners and ditch losers — before you invest a penny or write a word. ($499 Value)
  • The “Product Discovery Technique”
    This gives you a proven way to discover exactly what customers will and won’t buy — even if you’ve never sold anyone before. ($499 Value)
  • The “3-Day Conversion Content Marketing Blueprint” 
    We used this to create over 86 profitable products in less than 6 years. ($499 Value)
  • The Golden Rule of Content Creation
    If you follow this rule, you will have a higher chance at succeeding online, period. ($299 Value)
  • The 3 Blogger Income Creation Secrets
    Including my “pre-sell” secret, how to sell other people’s products, and my “Hubspot” trick ($997 Value)
  • The “Lottery Ticket” Approach
    Shave off 90% of the time it takes to get new content and new offers ready to sell. ($799 Value)


How to Create a Killer Content Strategy that Actually Sells… …in 60 MINUTES!​

Use this step-by-step content marketing blueprint to build inbound marketing funnels that integrate Blogging, SEO Tactics, List Building and Social Distribution to Boost Traffic, Leads and For Once… Get BIG Increases In Revenue EACH Blog Post. Use Content Marketing Tactics To Drive Online Sales – not Spend – Upward.

Get The ONLY Duplicatable Formula To Quickly Crank Out Share-Worthy, Click-Magnet Blog Posts That Get You Traffic AND Boost Revenue Each Time you Post…


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