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The Best product ever…you made it.

ebook-marketing-bullshitI’ve recently stumbled upon something great. Possibly the best product ever made – and it’s an idea.
The idea that marketing is bullshit.
Marketing claims everything, and everyone. Contributes nothing.  It created the lie that we owe china money, that 9/11 had anything to do with Iraq, that oswalt killed Kennedy and that jay z is a member of the illuminati.
Everything good in life has been claimed by marketing and never made by marketers. 
And with marketing’s 99% being losers, it’s expansion is only causing more loss, more dept and an increasingly saturated economy full of shitty me-too products – on and offline.
The unfunnel is a model. How to build a business without a marketing department. Bc everything u build has marketing built in…
Interested? Good. Because unlike marketing, I’ll give 50% revenue of everything in the unfunnel store – to anyone who buys into this model (and / or clicks this link … LOL).  Not because we’re friends, because like you, I care.
I care that you’re not making cool experiences and products that make a difference. So I’m going to teach you how. And pay you for being a partner in business hope. A startup with sentiment. And a business with agility.
Proof that the unfunnel works…because you are the unfunnel. Welcome!  🙂

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