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You’re Wasting your Time in Marketing – Build Something

marketing killed small business
marketing killed small business
Marketing is Bullshit
Design is NOT marketing. SEO is NOT marketing. Social is NOT marketing. Good products are definitely NOT MARKETING.
Marketing is only hurting your potential.
You may work in marketing, but you know that feeling you get where the wrong people are in charge? The feeling that your giving your best ideas, concepts and insights to the wrong people?
You are right. I know bc I’ve of been there. 
Marketing claims all of the successes and new inventions as a new form of marketing.
As long as you say nothing, you’re giving more decision-making authority, power and your company’s budget … to THEM.
THE IDIOTS. The ones who don’t listen to what you know is fact, and the ones who tell you that you’re not the customer.
It’s all a lie to sell more marketing. And it stops here…with you.
If you wouldn’t buy the company’s product, it obviously sucks. Why give all of your ideas and your best opportunities to get rich and be remembered – to people who don’t listen to its talent? Who don’t realize you influence your own tribe of like-minded friends and colleagues who depend on you as a friend, a teammate or even a partner?
Make something you would buy. Something your peers would share, bc you would share. If your product idea or business model fits this criteria, DO NOT GIVE IT TO YOUR MARKETING DEPARTMENT.
Start building it. We’ll help you, and we will help you sell it. The revenue is 100% YOURS TO KEEP. It’s the least that I could do for a partner. A friend.
Someone who, like me, believes in a better economy. One that pays the people who care to make it better.
Thank you for being one of them…and welcome to the unfunnel movement.  🙂

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