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  • Joey is well connected within the Online Marketing and Analytics sector nationwide.

    Over the past year he has assisted me several times in not only understanding the roles I was working on but sending me qualified referrals.

    Smart, creative, punctual and dedicated to his craft.

    Vanessa Branca, Talent Acquisition http://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessabranca
  • Joey has more knowledge about SEO than even some of the world’s leading experts.

    He is an inbound marketing guru who is extremely knowledgeable about conversions and optimization.  Joey has been a great mentor to in digital marketing and also helped redesign my website into a very creative sales funnel.

    If you want to make more money using the internet, Joey is your guy.

    Rafi Chowdhury http://rafichowdhury.com/
  • Joey is a smart, driven marketing professional with an impressive work ethic.  He is passionate about his profession and always willing to do what needs to be done to ensure a task is complete.

    I would be happy to work with Joey again in the future.

    Apryl Childs-Potter, Founder at Hyphen Market Solutions http://www.hyphenmarketsolutions.com/
  • dell senior advisor strategy austin tx

    Albert Scovel
    Senior Advisor, Strategy, Product Group at Dell

    Joey is among the most dedicated colleagues with whom I’ve worked. His unrelenting commitment to getting the job done well and on time made him a reliable and trusted part of our team. This, in combination with his talent and intellect, inspired confidence and helped to create an environment of excellence where our team was able to work efficiently and to create value for our clients.

    Albert Scovel: Senior Advisor, Strategy, Product Group at Dell http://www.qedanalytics.net/
  • I came into service master with the task of developing a strategic plan for building an information security organization.

    Joey had been hired to be both a technical writer and security awareness strategist. I found his work to be quite invaluable.

    He has a great understanding of how people will react and receive different stimulus whether in written or in visual form.

    Andrew J. Neel, PhD

    Andrew Neel, PhD, CISSP http://www.linkedin.com/in/ajneel
  • agile coach senior project manager memphis

    Bruce Nix CSP, CSM, MCP, MCTS
    Agile Coach & Senior Project Manager at Lokion

    If you are looking for a passionate individual who consistently looks for innovative ways to increase a businesses presence in web and social spaces, then your search should stop with Joey.

    He is a very engaging individual who stays on top of technology to communicate the impacts and benefits it can provide to organizations.

    I highly recommend Joey and look forward to future opportunities to work with him and to just talk shop.

    Bruce Nix – Agile Coach & Senior Project Manager at Lokion http://www.linkedin.com/in/brucenix
  • Joey helped to elevate the digital marketing game at AutoZone.

    He recognized the value of a mutually profitable relationship between supplier and retailer, which increased both companies’ impact in the marketplace.

    On a personal level, he was always a pleasure to work with.

    Testimonials: Michael Pearce, Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • hispanic marketing leader irvine ca

    During the time that I worked with Joey I was impressed with his quick ability to coordinate the various projects he was working on.

    While the Digital Arena has an ever changing landscape that can be daunting to stay on top of; Joey was a great partner in that he was always knowledgeable about the latest industry news, and that he always had recommendations on how our mutual business could benefit.

    As a digital marketing strategist, Joey was also very much in tune with what our mutual consumers would consider appealing content and helped me understand how to reach out to my consumers in a relevant and engaging manner.

    This partnership, really helped me in coordinating the vital steps that Meguiar’s had to take in order to stay on top of the Social Media trends.

    Joey’s expertise in Social Media, the Digital landscape and his overall work ethic and demeanor would be an asset to any organization that he is part of.

    Eugene A. Santos: Senior Manager, Hispanic Segment DirecTV http://www.linkedin.com/in/eugeneasantos
  • ecommerce marketing consultant professor memphis

    Thomas King, Adjunct Professor – Speech Communication
    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Joey is a talented and motivated self-starter.

    He keeps abreast of the latest technologies and programs within the new media realm.

    He understands that utilizing social media requires a balance between aggressive experimentation and strategic planning.

    Testimonials: Thomas King, ServiceMASTER & Southwest CC https://www.linkedin.com/in/kingthomas
  • erica klinger agency testimonial seattle

    Erica (Federico) Klinger, Director of Marketing Communications at The Seattle Foundation

    Joey Barker is a unique blend of interactive marketing, business analyst and technology, a rare and valued blend in businesses today.

    His passion and knowledge of content marketing and SEO drives his integrated channel strategy success for both small and large brands.

    His work ethic is unparalleled and his investment in projects is defined by his eagerness to learn, not for personal gain.

    A great team collaborator and straight shooter. Look to Joey to kick up your life cycle marketing with exponential results.

    Erica Klinger, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Masterworks http://unfunnel.com
  • Joey understands today’s business environment deeper than most.

    He’s hip to a variety of customer segments (e.g. Millennials) and their needs in terms of how and where they want to be communicated to about a business’s product or service, and what turns them off.

    Joey can see problems from atypical perspectives, which comes in handy if you’ve got a bunch of typical folks around … and once solutions are implemented, if you want metrics, he’s your man.

    He can go as deep as you want.

    Charles Lockhart, Marketing Specialist Advisor at FedEx http://www.linkedin.com/in/charleslockhart
  • sports marketing director testimonial

    I can honestly say that I have never worked with someone as passionate about their craft as Joey Barker.

    He is tirelessly searching for the best way to maximize the effectiveness of a company’s digital presence.

    I learned a lot about lead generation from him during my time at FedEx. And I will continue to look to him for advice in the future.

    He’s very driven and has a strong belief in the appropriate course of action.

    Joey Kaegi, Director of Sales and Marketing at Varsity Brands http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-kaegi/9/7b3/481
  • telecommunications e-strategy

    Ramesh Chalapalli, Business Marketing – eStrategy at AT&T

    I worked with Joey in the ALSAC / St.Jude Marketing department. Joey is a very inventive digital / social media strategist.

    He has a unique blend forward-thinking capabilities as a strategist and a great passion for digital marketing.

    Joey is fun to work and he is a very good team player. I highly recommend him for any digital marketing organization.


    Ramesh Chalapalli, MBA http://www.linkedin.com/in/nagarameshch
  • kbm group memphis agency testimonial

    David Stein, Director of Content and Organic Search (SEO) at KBM Group: Health Services

    Joey relentlessly pursues the online conversion.

    From on-site content and SEO best practices to off-site Social signals and link building, Joey understands how the game is played.

    He NEVER stops working, learning and leading in the digital marketing space.

    David Stein http://www.kbmghealth.com/
  • michael graber southern growth studio

    Joey has more cheek than a bull, more sticking power than Super Glue, and a will that is stronger than Hercules. He loves to write and will take on any assignment.

    In the time he served with us, handling social media marketing, research, and copywriting, he read all of my books, which took me 10 years to read.

    We called him “balls” as a compliment. This man has no fear. Balls Barker.

    Michael Graber http://southerngrowthstudio.com/
  • digital design ux agency review

    Co-Founder of the UX Audit!

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with JB on many occasions and he always delivers outstanding work that produces positive results every time.

    Joey is talented, driven, and passionate about his work.

    Never short on ideas and always ahead of the curve in his area of expertise. He would be a valuable asset to any digital team, client or agency side.

    – Kirk Henry, Digital Design Consultant and Co-Founder of UX Audit

    Kirk Henry, Digital Design Consultant http://kirkhenry.com
  • howard v blair

    Howard V. Blair, author of “Class: Thoughts of an Ordinary Man”

    In my efforts to write “Be The Best”, Joey gave me new thoughts and direction to advise those seeking improvement of themselves and their qualities of life.

    “Is he or she the right person for the job?”

    You will find Joey to be intuitive and thought provoking.

    Howard V. Blair, Author https://www.facebook.com/howard.v.blair
  • “It has been an eye-opening experience… our online visibility went from non-existent to front page in several different categories.

    Traction is increasing every day, concepts that were foreign to me are starting to make sense, and there is no reason that our online presence will only continue to grow as a result of his knowledge and teachings.”

    Marcellus Montalvo

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